Costa Rica is among the premier destinations in the world to go surfing. Made popular by the thrilling movie, “Endless Summer 2”, Tamarindo and its surrounding is one of the fascinating places for surfing in Costa Rica. Ideally, this stunning surfing destination in Costa Rica has a surf school that provides surf lessons. Surf lessons in Tamarindo Costa Rica commence on the beach with a few theories and practices on the right position and movements one has to use while on the board. After this, the instructors direct you into the water where you actually begin the surfing lessons.


Tamarindo Surf Lessons

In most surfing schools, the surfing instructions take 2 hours for group lessons while for a private lesson; it takes approximately 1 and 1/2 hours. A Tamarindo surf school ensures that the ratio of the group lesson students to teachers is low (normally, a maximum of five students per instructor) for best results. The school also ensures that each student has one instructor for the private lesson. You can take as many lessons as you desire to improve your surfing skills. The prices vary depending on the surf school you choose and on one’s category; for instance, a group lesson taking 2 hours with a maximum of five students, a fee of US $ 45 is charged but the internet price can be lower $40. On the other hand a private lesson having a single student, costs around $65 to $100. It is vital to note that typically for most surf schools, the discounts for internet price are only available for reservations made in advance via email.

Surf Courses

Additionally, most Tamarindo surf schools offers various surf specific courses:

· 3 Day Course

· 4 Day Course with one Surf Trip

· 5 Day Course with two Surf Trips

3 Day Course

Three-Day Course is recommended for an individual who wishes to improve their surfing skills or are after learning the basics of surfing. This surf course includes three full immersion days with one private lesson per day as well as the use of a surfboard throughout the learning period. At the end of this course, you should be in a position of turning and riding waves. This course can cost around US $ 210.

4 Day Course With One Surf Trip

This course is ideal for those who have plans of running away from the day-to-day rush and are looking forward to enjoying nature, surfing and relaxing. Its package consists of four full immersion days with one 2-hour private lesson each day for the first three days as well as the use of a surfboard for the entire learning period. The 4th day is a surf trip day where, along with your instructor, you will visit one of the popular surf spots like Playa Langosta, Playa Grande or Playa Avellanas. Lessons of this course depend on the surf conditions and are scheduled either in the morning or in the afternoon. The cost for this surf course is US $ 390.

5 Day Course with Two Surf Trips

This course is primarily set for individuals who would like to develop memories with various outstanding surf spots in Costa Rica. It consists of five full immersion days with one 2-hour private lesson every day for the first three days, and the use of a surfboard for the entire learning period. The 4th and 5th days are surf trip days where, along with your instructor, will take two surf trips to one of the nearby popular surf spots. This course charges a fee of US $ 570.